Chicago Game and Card can also manufacture and produce TOYS

Chicago Game and Card has been making card and board games for over 30 years, mostly out of paper and chipboard. Now, we also manufacture toys and custom game accessories in other materials like plastic, wood and composite.

Stock components are readily available and can be used in most games.

We can accept requests for custom designed plastic, wood, or metal game components.

One of the challenges in producing plastic or wood components is making the prototype for approval. This can be costly for the toy inventor as the process is complex when it comes to producing and manufacturing unique or specially shaped items. 3D printers are very helpful in creating unique objects but the cost is still something that has to be considered, and we will help you understand what those are.

The first step is having an accurate and detailed CAD/CAM drawing of the product. We can help produce this, but sometimes it is better if the inventor works directly with a design engineer.

It should be noted that a minimum order quantity of 5000 units is rquired to make the cost per unit advantageous to the total price of the toy or game.

If these are components for a game, stock items should be considered or print on paper/ chipboard for the graphic effect.

We invite you to ask us about our toy production and manufacturing solutions or to help you create custom game pieces.

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