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DAM  IT takes place on a grand river system.  With your crew of skilled beavers you will be charged with the task of damming rivers that legends say can’t be dammed.  To make matters worse your enemies on the other team will be fighting for the same goal.  A good balance of military strategy and well placed dams will be the key to your success.  To master this game you will have to use strategy, team work, and just a little bit of luck.  During game play you and your team will be faced with tough choices, but don’t be afraid to get wet just make sure you can swim.

Contains 270 pieces

Game components may vary from those shown. 

Two Sides…
As the game begins, six beaver tribes march onto the battlefield.  The Red, Green, and Yellow tribes form the Honored Beaver Alliance, fighting for peace, justice, and wood.  The tribes of Blue, Black, and Purple unite to form the Midnight Warriors, fighting to protect the homeland of their ancestors.  

One Battle…
There is an uneasy calm as both teams face each other from across the river.  Each tribe raises its flag as the architects discuss their building strategies.  The kings stand nobly to ensure victory, and out of the silence comes the command of a warrior: “Charge!”

One River...
There can be only one victor, the team with the will to Dam It.

Copyright 2007 Rodney Benesh

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