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"BATTLE THIS!" is the ultimate two players (Ages 12 to Adult) mind to mind strategic board game for those who are looking for a challenge. The objective of the game is to try to outwit your opponent; eliminate all of his / her playing pieces while trying to score as much points as you can. Like a military style of chess, its components consist of Soldiers, Tanks and Fighter planes. "BATTLE THIS!" is easy to learn and not complicated. It is a game that will provide hours of entertainment for all those who enjoy board games with drama, excitement and the struggle of combat! "BATTLE THIS!" is new, fun, creative, and very different with broad appeal. The concept is great for today's market. One taste on this battle field and you will not hesitate to re-engage.


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Battle This Board Game

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This is a great board game , fun and challenging for young and old generations. Great birthday present! Will definatly recommend this product to my friends

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