TITLE: Fund Raising game project  is unique way for public relations exposure

PROJECT: New campus building for children stricken with radiation exposure


OBJECT: To raise funds for an educational, rehabilitative and therapeutic  center

Our client came to us not knowing how to go about creating a fund raising project for his organization. 

He had in mind to do a monopoly type game but could not design or create the graphics to produce the game.

It was his objective that once the game was created, it would be given to prospective donors to play the game in order to learn about all the services, activities and help that this campus would provide to children of the Chernobyl radiation disaster.

Located in the Land of Israel, our client found us on the Internet and was impressed with the many games we have produced over the years. After the initial contact and our helping him formulate a design concept, costs and  a production schedule we proceeded to start the project.

Our client had a clear picture of what he wanted and we helped him with the graphics, layout and final print file for the gamebox, gameboard, property or dedication room cards, rules and the cards similar to community chest and chance, We also supplied all of the pawns (airplanes in this case) houses and hotels to make the intended contributions of the donors more realistic. 

As they played the game prospective donors could see how their contributions helped the campus come to life.

We produced several hundred games and some time later a reorder was made.

Chicago Game and Card was proud to be a part of this project and we were happy to see a fund raising game project come to life to help those disadvantaged children, 

Our client was satisfied with our work as he only had one place to go for the design,development, manufacture, assembly and distribution of the entire game. This saved him much time and energy and he was able to meet his deadline without cost overruns.

Let us do the same for you.

We look forward to hearing from you





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